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Last Update: 18 Apr 2016

Our next meeting is a Build Meeting,
11am-3pm, Saturday, 14 May -- details here.
Note the date change so we can go to RDUCON.

2016 Calendar Extract

21 May, Wake Tech Comm College, Raleigh, NC.
IPMS/USA 2016 National Convention
3-6 Aug, Metropolitan Conv Center, Columbia, SC.
IPMS Region 2 Convention
9/30-10/1, (Pungo) Military Aviation Museum, Virginia Beach, VA.

Go to our Calendar for more details and events.

News Flash !!

The 2016 Calendar is posted !
It's starting to fill up a bit.

If you are a modeler in Eastern North Carolina, come visit us.
Despite what some of this website might look like, we are alive and well !! The rent is paid for another year, so .... click the link to find out
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  Hot News !

We are now a chapter of both IPMS & AMPS.
See our About Us page for more info.

ECPM wins Best Table Display at AMPS !!
Pix in the newsletter.

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John R, Webbie ...

Our March/April Meetings and AMPS
OK, the usual time problems. I didn't get the March meeting posted, couldn't attend April meeting, but did manage AMPS 2016, so this will be a bit of a mish-mash, something you should be used to. I also haven't done any of the article updates since then for much the same reasons, but will be back on them shortly.

[article image] Our March meeting was not well-attended because several members attended R-12 (yes, more of us should have gone, but that's life).

At the meeting were Andy Fulcher, John Bazzle, Dan Kornegay, and John Ratzenberger.

We discussed blown NCAA brackets, some new products (Meng ZSU-234-2, AFV Club full-blown Patriot system, among others), and agreed to, as we always do, sponsor an award package at the IPMS/USA Nationals.

John Bazzle brought his completed Dragon 1/6 M-14 rifle and two new acquisitions.

[article image] [article image] [article image]

John Ratzenberger brought his work-in-progress, close-to-the-deadline AMPS 2016 entry.

[article image] [article image]

At the April meeting were Andy Fulcher, Dan Kornegay, Jim Harriett, and David Mohr with his wife. No pix have been provided. They did discuss and recommend that we move our May meeting to Saturday, the 14th, so those of us who wished to could go to RDUCON on the 21st. They have always been good supporters of our show. I have posted the calendar as such and Andy is checking the date is clear at the church.

ECPM goes to AMPS 2016 in Sumter, SC.

Well, 3 of us did as did former member Will Lanier and his wife Cathy, she of the very best ever bite-size pecan pie fame !

Great show, a Well Done to Timmy Darrah and the whole crew down there, including all the volunteers who worked in judging and other areas. Huge raffle, as usual ably run by Team Rebecca & Tony. There were 125 modelers, 179 (!) walk-ins, and 43 vendors - I don't have a model count but do know it was enough to keep the judging folks busy but not slammed as we were last year.

First, we took the Best Table Display award. Thanks to Andy & Pat Fulcher, Dan Kornegay, and John & Annette Ratzenberger for schlepping the display & models down there, setting up, and minding the store when not otherwise doing something. We had lots of interest and had a small packet advertising ECPM, IPMS, and AMPS available -- not sure if we'll get any members but folks know who we are.

[article image] [article image]
[article image] [article image] [article image]

On the individual side, Dan Kornegay took a gold in Cat V, Closed Top 1992 to Present, with his IDF Achzarit APC which throws him into Advanced.
[article image] [article image] [article image]

John Ratzenberger again met his main goal of avoiding a Gold and thus being booted up to Advanced by taking a Silver in XII, Dioramas, with "Gassed" - an interpretation of John Singer Sargent's iconic painting from WW1. Also shown is his vendor loot -- a CMP C60L which he'll convert to a C60S Holmes Breakdown Truck using a spare bed and crane from a T-969; a huge impulse buy of a totally out of character kit, the new Meng ZSU-23-4; and, back to "normal", the newest from Resicast -- a WW1 British FWD GS truck that will be prime mover for a Resicast 6in 26cwt howitzer lurking in the stash. All of these plans are, of course, subject to change as other baubles are dangled in front of him.
[article image] [article image] [article image]

Will Lanier scored at least one Gold and one Silver but I did not get any pix of them.

The AMPS 2017 Convention will be 20-22 April, 2017, in Danbury, CT. The theme is "Smile for the Birdy" - build a model to match a photo; more details will be forthcoming. The website should be open by 1 May 2016.

The End: See you in May, either at our meeting, RDUCON, or preferably BOTH !!!

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