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Last Update: 11 Aug 2017

Our next meeting is an extended Build Meeting,
11am-3pm, Saturday, 19 August 2017 -- details here.

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South Carolina Modelers Fall Contest,
21 Oct, Cokesbury UMC, North Charleston, SC.
RDUCON 2017,
11 Nov, Wake Tech Community College, Raleigh, NC.

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Chapter Newsletter

15 Jul 2017 Meeting

Attendance:  Mark Dice, Andy Fulcher, Jim Harriett, David Mohr, John Ratzenberger, and Jay Roig.

IPMS Business:  

-- Region 12 August newsletter: PDF, click here.

-- The slides from the 2017 Annual Business Meeting in Omaha: PDF, click here.

Chapter Business:  

We have paid for another year here at GUMC.

*** NOTE: GUMC will have a Vision Clinic here in September, so we will move our meeting to 23 September. ***

We talked about a 2018 Contest. No decision yet.

The Interesting Stuff:  

Jim Harriett has been working at the Guns of History series from Model Expo, all white-netal kits which take a lot of clean-up. He has finished the 12-pdr Napoleon and it really looks sharp - both basic construction and finish plus the weathering. He and has the 3in Ordnance Gun and 10-pdr Parrott in progress and also brought along the Verlinden 32-pdr which he will make into a Fort Mason display. Leaping forward from the ACW JIm has a tractor to work on.

[article image] [article image] [article image]
[article image] [article image]

David Mohr with another rare find -- a CMK HO scale Feisler Storch, a resin kit.

[article image] [article image]

John Ratzenberger snagged the Eduard 1/72 Sopwith Schneider from E-bay; a nice kit but it is a wartime version not the racing version. A little digging around in his Aeromodeller collection brought out the Christmas 1961 edition with an article and scale drawings. A bit more digging surfaced an Airframe vacuform kit from the stash, which is the racing version. Subsequent to all this a friend with similar interests sent an extract from a book with a period photo that shows the underwing markings in Aeromodeller and the Airframe kit are incorrect. A project seems in the offing.

[article image]

The End: See you next meeting.

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