Warbird Tech Series Vol.13: Douglas A-1 Skyraider
by Keith Lewis


This is by far my favorite volume as of now. It follows the same format as the P-39/P-63 in volume 17. This volume sheds light on some real misconceptions that I'm sure I'm not the only one that's had them. For instance, it isn't common knowledge that there was a Skyraider for almost every mission that the Navy could think of. From CAP (Combat Air Patrol) missions in Korea, to the little known nuclear mission that certain Navy and even fewer Marine Corps squadrons had. Now how many of you knew that?? As with the previous book from this publisher there is a section devoted to color photos and mixed in the text are exploded drawings and diagrams from the technical pubs that were used in the daily maintenance of the operational aircraft. Above all else is the ordinance section, this bird dropped everything from two-hundred and fifty pounders to the proverbial toilet (its even got a picture of the toilet). This series is informative, and above all else its an awesome reference for modelers. It's what prompted me to buy the recently released Tamiya U.S. Air Force A-1J Skyraider.