Toko 1/288 AN-71
by Steve Kazsa


I found this kit (Kit #109) to be an interesting subject, with it's forward mounted engines, and tail mounted radar. The parts features recessed panel lines, but would these really be visible in this scale? Landing gear is included, although there is no nose gear well.

I started assembly by first adding some lead fishing weights to the interior of the aircraft to allow it to correctly sit on the landing gear. Once this was done, the inside of the fuselage halves and engine nacelles, along with the rear of the compressor blades was painted black. The fuselage halves went together fine; just some sanding needed on the joint. I attached the wings next. I filled the stand hole in the bottom with a piece of sprue, and sanded it flush. I next cut out the nose gear well. The kit plastic is thick enough so I could cut one a reasonable depth, without going through the fuselage.

Aligning the wings level resulted in a gap underneath on one side, which was filled with white glue. Once the seam on top of the wing/fuselage was sanded, it required no filler. The engine halves were glued together, and the seam sanded. The right engine protruded farther ahead of the wing, so I filed back the opening until the engines were even. These were next attached to the wing. The engine/wing seam was the worst one on the kit. These were filled in with super glue.

The locating peg for the tail radar was removed, as it was too big to allow the dome to align with the top edge of the tail. The locating pegs for the horizontal tails were removed also, as they didn't even come close to fitting in the holes.

Once the landing gear was glued on, I started paint the model. This was painted a little differently than the "normal" sequence. I first sprayed it overall flat white (Model Master paints were used throughout). When this was dry, I coat of clear gloss was applied. The decal lines on the fuselage and engine sides were now, added. Once these were dry, I carefully brush-painted the gray, using the blue lines as a guide, leaving about 1/32" of white showing.

The pictures show the painting sequence - white, followed by the decal lines, followed by brush painting the gray

When all of this was dry, I next painted the remaining detail colors - Dark gray nose, red wing tips, black exhaust areas, and silver wing/tail leading edges.

The remaining decals were applied, and another coat of clear gloss was used to seal the decals. When this was dry, the remaining parts were attached (wheels, wheel doors (which were cut from .010 plastic sheet), and windshield). The Canopy frames were painted white.

There is also a base included in the kit, although I haven't felt like painting it up yet. It represents an airfield tarmac.

Overall this was not a bad little kit, which went together quite well for one of this small size - the length is only 3 inches!