1/35 Tamiya Navy Jeep
Steve Kasza


Can you believe that over the years I've NEVER built a jeep kit? That doesn't mean I don't have any, (have 16 un-built) just that for some reason I've never actually put one together. I looked around for a way to paint one besides olive drab (I have a whole shelf full of OD vehicles), and this is what I found. Well here goes…

Construction: Started by putting the chassis / suspension together. Engine is provided - I didn't add any detail to it since I was closing the hood. The frame is molded in one piece, and has the usual parting lines and mold circles that need to be removed and filled in. I filed out the insides of the bumperettes so they were a more realistic thickness. The suspension components all went together without any headaches. I drilled out the end of the exhaust, but did not attach the muffler exhaust to the chassis yet.

The wheels were assembled next. I sanded down the tread a bit, as it seems too "aggressive". .015 holes were drilled in the rim, and valve stems were added to the wheels from stretched sprue. These are 1.5mm long from the edge of the rim.

The body tub has a number of molding circles on the underside that need to be filled in. Tamiya provides a molded on accelerator pedal, but no brake or clutch pedals. The accelerator of cut away, and all 3 pedals were cut from thin plastic, mounted on rod and installed. The round part molded next to the accelerator should not be removed.

The rest of the interior was built per the instructions. The seats were left out until after painting. The fire extinguisher (B42) was also left off until after painting, as were the shift levers (I know I'll break them off while painting.) I didn't use part A26 under the passenger seat.

Curiously, Tamiya omits the hood and windshield hold down latches, not even providing mold-on ones. I replicated these using pieces of stretched sprue, with small pieces of .010 plastic for the bases. The rifle rack mounts were removed from the inside of the windshield. The inner area of the windshield braces (B44 and B45) was carved out.

The top bow braces were removed from the Tamiya parts, and hollowed out. New bows were bent from .025 plastic rod, and installed in the "up" position. The canvas came from the Italeri Jeep kit, and fit with no problems.

Painting:  I sprayed the parts with Non-Specular Sea Grey. Model Master paint was used (Intermediate Blue FS35164). When dry, it was sealed with Glosscoat, and then a black wash applied. This was followed by dry brushing with the base color and a lighter shade of gray (base color mixed with some white).

The tires were painted black, with dark gray dry-brushed over them. The canvas parts were painted and dry brushed with dark olive drab. Other details were painted as needed.

The decals were taken from my scrap pile. The "USN" was cut from the words "USS ENTERPRISE" left over from Hasegawa's 1/72 S-3 Viking, and the 62072 was cut from the BU number left over from Italeri's 1/72 AV-8B.

After a covering of Dullcoat was applied, I finished off the MB by gluing on the few remaining small parts, and the canvas top. As a last touch, the reflectors and taillights were painted dark red.