Tamiya paint: German WWII colors
by Lee Rouse


For several years now I have been using Tamiya paints as my primary airbrushing medium. These paints store well, can be thinned with isopropyl alcohol (91% recommended), dry quickly, and leave a smooth durable finish. About the only drawback is that colors must often be custom mixed. To make the best of the situation, I usually mix up more than I think I'll need to get through a project. Nothing worse than running out of a 3-combination mix and then trying to make sure you mix up the next batch exactly the same to match the original.

Here are some color mixes you may find helpful for German WWII colors.

RLM 02--> XF22: 1 + XF49:1
RLM 65--> XF23:1 + XF02:1
RLM 70--> XF27
RLM 71--> XF 62:1 + XF49:1
RLM 73 XF24:2 + XF27:3, lightened with a touch of white
RLM 74--> XF24:3 + XF27:2
RLM 75--> XF24:5 + XF50:1
RLM 76--> XF02:7 + XF23:1 + XF66:2
RLM 79--> XF59:3 + XF64:1
RLM 80--> XF58
RLM 81--> XF51:1 + XF64:2
RLM 82--> XF05 or XF05:1 + XF02:1???
RLM 83--> XF61 or XF24:1 + XF51:1???

I THINK that all of these come from Tamiya instructions sheets with the exception of RLM 73, which is a custom "blend" that I developed. One other point is that scale effect is not taken into account in these color combinations. You may find that you need to lighten the base shade considerably with white to achieve a color that looks right in 1/48, and even more in 1/72.