Model Aircraft Monthly (magazine)
by Mark Dice


For everyone who enjoys Scale Aviation Modeler International (SAMI) thereís a new magazine out by the same folks. Itís called Model Aircraft Monthly (MAM); it sells for about $7.99 at Books-a-Million.

While SAMI almost exclusively deals with kit buildups/conversions, reviews of the new products available for the aircraft modeler, and only one or two reference articles. MAM goes the other way with way more reference articles with only a couple of short kit build articles, along with short notes on whatís new.

MAM is printed on the same quality paper that SAMI is, with many color pictures and profiles of selected aircraft. My issue (Vol. 1/#2) was 66 pages long. The first 42 were the reference articles (seven subjects). Pages 42-52 had the new book/ kits/ decal news, club info (for UK & Europe), and a web guide for modelers. Pages 54-64 were two kit builds and 65-66 was upcoming events (UK) & address list of model companies. There also arenít the hundreds of ads that youíll find in a SAMI. Maybe this will change in the future as the magazine grows??? I hope not.

Most of the subject matter in MAM is geared towards the UK/European modeler, much as it is in SAMI. The articles were well written and there were subjects covered from WWI to modern jets, so youíve got a variety of interesting stuff to choose from. There are articles that will be of interest to us here, who arenít totally enthralled with Argentinean Air Force Meteors or the Macchi MB.326H in western Australia. Youíll just have to pick and choose which issues you buy. Which is what I do with SAMI; if thereís nothing in there that catches my fancy, then I donít buy.

What caught my eye with this issue was the article on the Lavochkin LA-7 with fold out scale plans (due to my rising interest in WWII Russian aircraft, cause of that darned IL-2 Sturmovik computer gameÖ). The article gives a history on the aircraft, many detail pictures and some very nice scale plans on a foldout page in both 1/72 & 1/48. I think that this information will come in handy in the future, when I get around to building one of the three Hobbycraft kits I have of the LA-5/7.

In conclusion, I recommend this magazine for the aviation modeler.

However, Iíd like to add the suggestion that you browse the issue before you buy (same with SAMI) and ensure thereís something there you want it for. If youíre not a big fan of UK/European subject matter the $72.00 a year subscription cost could turn out to be a big hit in your wallet for nothing.