Messerschmitt Me109 (Volume 1) 1936-1942
by Dennis Lamm


Messerschmitt Me109
Volume 1
1936 to 1942
Anis El Bied & Andre Jouineau
(Histoire & Collections)

This book is a "dream come true" for the avid Messerschmitt builder. The only thing that makes the dream better is to get volume 2 which would cover the final years of the war. The book offers to both the novice and advanced builder invaluable history, technical information and numerous painting schemes for the Luftwaffe and their allies. The book consists of 82 pages of which 90% are in color! The paper for the book appears to be a high quality glossy paper that allows the color to jump out at you. While the authors are French, the book is in English.

Historically, the book begins by introducing the reader to the development of the Messerschmitt. This acquaints the reader to the prototype or the model V. The Me 109B being the first massed produced airplane. The Spanish Civil War was the testing ground for the Me109. The next section of history covers the Me109E "Emil." A vast amount of pages depict the various Me109E, all the way to the Me109E/7. The final plane that is written about is the Me109F. There is a colorful map at the beginning of the book which shows the locations of various air groups at the time of the Poland campaign, the Blitzkrieg into western Europe, and the Battle of Britain.

In the way of technical information the book contains a page that shows all of the maintenance markings that were found on the plane. There are two colorful pages of wing and fighter group insignia (not necessarily complete). There are two pages that shows and explain the markings for a fighter wing and group. Tail fin markings are covered and the proper RLM paint number from the Condor Legion to the Me109F are given.

Lastly, there are 200 individual profiles in color of actual known paint schemes of the various Me109's. Each of these gives the RLM paint numbers and in a very high number of cases the actual pilot of the plane is given. You can hardly believe your eyes at all the different paint schemes!

The cost of this book was just over $20.00 and is a worthwhile investment for anyone who loves to look at beautiful planes.