Messerschmitt Bf109 - Ali Straniere in Italia #1
by Joe Callahan


Messerschmitt Bf109
Ali Straniere in Italia #1
Gregory Alegi & Marco Gueli

Not since 1985, when Monogram published their hardback has there been any significant study done on the subject of the Bf109 in Italian service. Now with the release of the Ali Straniere series (translated as “strange wings”) for La Bancarella Aeronautica we have a new reference. Published in Italy, the authors were able to take advantage of original photo negatives and pilot records. Printed in the A4 format, the book has soft laminated covers. Within the 80 pages of text are 44 color profiles, 68 B&W and 12 color photos. Many of the photos are from original negatives and are very sharp and clear. The color profiles are followed by a description and referenced to a photo, which was used as the basis for the drawing. The text, in both English and Italian, is a condensed history of the Bf109 used by both the Regia Aeronautica (RA) and the Aeronautacia Nazionale Repiblicana (RNA). The last section of the book lists all confirmed airframes used by the AR and ANR, and the airframe’s service history. The inside back cover has 18 color chips used by both the Luftwaffe and AR/ANR.

I found this book to be well conceived and full from cover to cover with wonderful photos and profiles. Considering the rarity of the Monogram book and its cost, this book at $28.95 will be a welcome addition to the modeler’s and historian’s library. Ali Straniere in Italia #1 Messerschmitt Bf109 is available from Pacific Coast Models at www.pacmodels.com.