1/35 Tamiya Quad Gun Tractor
by Frank Eason


Construction of the 1/35 scale Tamiya Quad Gun Tractor. I was fishing for a Ford to build for the upcoming club contest and discovered this beast is actually a FORD! (Doesnít look like one). They were made by FORD Canada for the Canadian and British forces in WW2.

I began with the wheels. They had a seam in the tread as usual so that took some sanding. Then  I airbrushed them my super secret rubber tire color. It is a blend of various greys and blacks and itís so secret even I canít remember how it was made so when this is used up Iím in trouble. I used Testorís model masters thinned with mineral spirits in an IWATA airbrush. After they were painted I used a simple circle template to mask off the center section. I just laid this over the tire and sprayed on the Tamiya Desert Yellow.

This of course leaves some over spray on the rubber area. To fix that I think way down some more of the super secret rubber color and using a small brush apply it around the rims of the wheels. This leaves a nice crisp line between the wheel and tire. The paint has to be thin so it will flow around the rim. If one coat will not cover the yellow then do more.

I then started on the frame, It had a lot of gaps and imperfections which needed fixing up. I used Squadron grey putty.

I then assembled the axles with the wheels. The axles and frame were also sprayed in Tamiya Desert Yellow and the engine Tamiya metallic gray.

Before installing the engine in the frame I used a black ink wash on it to give it a dirty used effect.

One trick I like to use is toothpicks. I build on ceiling tiles so I can stick things into the tile. This is a left over from my radio control airplane era so I just adapted it to plastics. I use this trick on small parts like seats, engines, axles, etc. Just stick a toothpick into a hole in the part and you have an instant handle. It also provides a means to hold the part up while the paint dries. The picture below shows the seats.

Here is a shot of all the lower sections assembled including the driver.

You can see the weathered engine. I also did a watered down ink wash on the wheels. They will get some more weathering later. I used some pastel chalks to dirty up the floorboard areas and a silver pencil to add chipped paint and skuff marks in the appropriate areas.  I also weathered the seat covers to make them look used and abused. All paint used was Tamiya colors except for the super secret tire black. Decals are also applied here. I gloss coated with Future ( at least 5 coats) then dull coated after the decals dried with the Testors acryl which I really like by the way!!! After the Dullcoat came a spray of darker brown on the undersides and in the recessed areas. Just a light effect to look like dirt build up.

Now came time for the cab. It was sprayed in desert yellow also.

Before it was sprayed in the yellow base color I sprayed a dark brown in all the seams and recesses. Then when I applied the yellow I tried to let some of the dark bleed through. After the yellow dried I lightened up some of the yellow with white and then applied a very light coat of this in the center of the panels to give it a washed out look.

Then the windows went in with basically a strong white glue (easy to clean off when you mess up!!) The final vehicle gets a heavy dose of pastel browns and blacks to give it a very used and dirty look.

I also masked a wiper pattern on the drivers windscreen and sprayed a very very light coast of white to give the windows a hazed effect.

And here is a side shot of the final (OK the mirrors are not on yet but close enough). I enjoyed building this and itís the second British desert vehicle I have done. Iím starting to get the feel for this color scheme.  Hope you got something from this write up. Please contact me if you have questions and happy modeling. RememberÖIf you like the way it looks then you have been successfulÖ.donít worry about the rest of it!!