1/16 DML SS Tank Crewman
based on Michael Wittman circa Villers Bocage, 1944
by Greg Marchlinski


The figure was constructed out of box with the addition of brass wire for the headset wiring. An acrylic base coat was applied using Tamiya and PollyScale paints. The figure was finished in artist's oils using the "Shepard Paine" method (or as close as I could get to it). Uniform badges and insignia were done with a mixture of enamels and colored pencils. I applied a coat of Future to the leather coat and face prior to final sealing coats of PollyScale flat. I didn't want the finished leather or face to have a dead flat look.

Groundwork was built from scratch including the cedar base, which was turned on a lathe, hand-sanded, and finished with four coats of MinWax clear polyurethane. The groundwork is dyed Celluclay with Woodland Scenics static grass, leaves from Hudson & Allen and various sticks, stones and kitty litter from around the house. The groundwork was sealed with PollyScale flat clear as well.