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Building a Ford C-600 Cab-Over-Engine Truck

Article by Andy Fulcher

FulcherC600-1 FulcherC600-2 FulcherC600-3 FulcherC600-4 FulcherC600-5

The original kit was released by AMT in the 1970's and re-released in 2004. The kit represents a 1970-era vehicle, and is 1/25th scale.

The kit comes with both a 131-inch and 111-inch wheelbase frame, and it was the latter I wanted to build. However, the frame was warped and in the process of trying to straighten it I melted a good portion of it. I heated water and used a meat thermometer for temperature, not knowing that meat thermometers aren't good for stove-top applications.

Having learned that lesson, I went to Plan C which was to cut the surviving pieces down to a 97-inch wheelbase. The bed was cut from a scale 16-feet to 10-feet, and the wood grain sanded off to make a steel bed. The bed rails were reworked to match.

Mirror brackets and grab handles are from steel wire. The turn signals were scratchbuilt, using brass portholes and epoxy with Tamiya Clear Orange for lenses. The air cleaner was modified for appearance purposes by sanding off 3mm and replacing with Evergreen. The tilt mechanism was re-engineered by clipping off the original brackets and replacing with steel wire.

I dechromed everything -- front bumper, rear bumper, wheel parts, engine parts, horns, mirrors, brackets, etc -- I do not like bright chrome on trucks.

The only other glitch came in final assembly when the back of the fuel tanks had to be ground down a bit to fit against the front of the springs.

Although my original plan was to make a dump truck, I'm happy enough with this.

Products used:
-- Plastikote primers and Red
-- Duplicolor White and Clear
-- Hobby paints (Testor, Tamiya, Humbrol)
-- Bare metal foil
-- Galvanized steel wire
-- Decals sourced from a 1/32 scale kit

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