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1/35 Tamiya Krupp Protze 6x4 Truck

Article by Lee Rouse
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Kit Review:
Subject: 1/35 Tamiya Krupp Protze 6x4 Truck.
Original Release date: 1974?
Price: purchased for about $5.00 by my son at the Atlanta Nationals.

Although I predominantly build aircraft, from time to time that subject burns me out and I need to try something a little different. It happened that I came across this kit in a bag of miscellaneous boxed kits that my son had purchased at the 2005 Atlanta Nationals. I believe that he paid about $5 for the kit.

This was my first venture in building a military vehicle, and it turned out to be an excellent kit to cut my teeth on. Even though the molds for this kit are apparently quite old, it is to my eyes an excellent molding, with practically no flash and very few mold release marks to deal with. I concocted a mix of Tamiya paints to resemble German gray, which was the predominant color of the exterior and interior. Weathering was done by mixing a light earth color of pastel powder with a little water and a drop of dish washing liquid, and slopping it on here and there, especially on the wheels and underneath. The ground pastel was also applied directly to the tires. The windshield was masked with frisket film which had been cut to cover the areas that would have been cleaned by the wiper blade. The windshield was then airbrushed with a very light, highly thinned coat of Floquil earth color. The wooden bed sides were first painted Tamiya buff, followed by an overcoating of German gray. When this had dried the gray was lightly sanded and chipped away to reveal the "wood" beneath.

The figure was painted with base coats of Vallejo colors, followed by shadows and highlighting with artist's oils.

Photos were taken with my Nikon Coolpix 4500, set on manual, and mounted on a tripod. The exposure was adjusted to maximize the f/ value, thus yielding a sharper image. My background is a piece of textured wallpaper. I use the ring fluorescent light in my adjustable arm magnify on my work bench to aim light where it's needed.

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This was a fun build, even though it took me longer to complete (about 3 months) than it should have due to work, family and holiday commitments. Perhaps I'll do one more military vehicle before getting back to something with wings!

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