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About ECPM, IPMS, and AMPS

Eastern Carolina Plastic Modelers (ECPM) is a chartered chapter in Region 12 of the USA Branch of the International Plastic Modelers Society and is also a chapter in the South Region of the Armor Modeling & Preservation Society.

The International Plastic Modelers Society (IPMS) started in the United Kingdom (now IPMS/UK) in 1963, with the US (IPMS/USA) branch following shortly thereafter in 1964. The Armor Modelling & Preservation Society (AMPS) started in the USA in 1993. There are now branches of IPMS and AMPS all over the world.

Chapter Contact & Webmaster: John Ratzenberger
Treasurer: Andy Fulcher

Meet the ECPM members.


Eastern Carolina Plastic Modelers

We invite you to join us, attend our monthly meetings, and take part in our many modeling activities. Our purpose is to bring together people of all ages, interests, and skill levels who enjoy the art of plastic modeling.

At our meetings, we conduct demonstrations covering all aspects of plastic modeling, show off our latest projects, and in general enjoy each other's company - we are a very informal and friendly club. We also participate make trips to out-of-town contests, and participate in public model displays and demonstrations at malls, libraries, etc. Additionally, we host our own show and contest, which is a great way to get to know other modelers and improve our skills. Historically, this is a very popular show with great modeler and vendor participation.

While our regular meetings are 2 hours long, once a calendar quarter we meet for 4 hours so we can sit around and chat, work on a model or two, etc. For these build meetings bring along something to work on for a couple hours, a drink and a snack, and just sit around and chat about whatever. It's a good chance to learn from other's techniques or to help someone else. A couple cautions -- we meet in a church classroom, perhaps used by small children. We have to really, really clean up afterwards -- we don't want some child finding and eating that tiny part you lost. Also we don't want spills of glue and paint, so bring little trays to sit things in.

Club interests cover ALL types of plastic models, from automobiles, aircraft, and armor to ships, spacecraft, trains, and science fiction. If it's plastic  . . .  WE BUILD IT!! (If it's other stuff, we've been known to build it also !!)

ANYONE AND EVERYONE IS WELCOME TO ATTEND!!! Visit us at our next meeting! If you like what you see, we would be glad to have you as a member. As we are concerned with the future of our hobby, we especially encourage junior modelers to participate. Membership fees are $12/year for adults and $6/year for juniors (17 & under). Membership in IPMS/USA or AMPS is not mandatory, but is encouraged and considering the quality of the respective magazines, The Journal and Boresight, is a really good deal.

Monthly Meetings

We meet the third Saturday of every month, at 11am or noon, at the Garber United Methodist Church Ministry Center, 4202 Country Club Road, in New Bern, NC.  Our meeting is held in Room 222 of the Ministry Center. The parking lot is behind the building. Enter at the pair of doors on the right (west) side; once inside go to the right and take either the stairs or elevator to the 2nd floor. We are in the back (northwest) corner. See our home page for the most current date, time, and location information just in case something has changed.

From the North(Hwy 17), join Hwy 70 then
From Hwy 70, take the Pembroke Road/Trent Woods exit and turn towards Trent Woods. Go approximately 2-1/2 miles. The Church will be on left and the Ministry Center across the road.
From the south, go north on Hwy 17. Continue through intersection of Hwy 17 and Hwy 43 (Glenburnie Rd). At the next traffic light, turn right on the McCarthy Blvd. The church will be 2.1 miles on the right, just past the golf course, and the Ministry Center is across the road. Note that this road has several name changes over its' course: first McCarthy, then Chelsea, and finally Country Club Road.

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IPMS/USA is a non-profit association of individual plastic modelers and modelers united by a common bond of mutual interest in all aspects of our hobby. The purposes of IPMS/USA are to a). cultivate interest in the hobby of modeling, particularly through use of commercially manufactured plastic model kits, and to provide information, data, and other assistance to such members to continually raise the standards and techniques of their work;   b). ensure timely exchange of modeling information; and   c). provide for the members' interests by keeping them informed through the Society's publications of new products and services.

Many of the IPMS/USA Chapters and Regions sponsor model shows and contests every year - these are open to the general public. You do not need to be a member to just visit the shows, or attend the clubs, but there are some great benefits to being a member.

As part of your IPMS/USA Membership, you will receive The IPMS USA Journal, a very high quality modeling magazine, six times a year. In it you will find stories of interest on subjects such as aircraft, armor, automotive, ships, figures, you name it. You will also find listings of IPMS/USA contests and swap meets, hints and tips, and reviews.

Membership also qualifies you to participate in IPMS/USA sanctioned Regional Contests, as well as our World-famous National Convention, held each summer. As a member, you'll also be able to access our online Member's Forum where a wide variety of Society and Modeling topics are discussed, and enjoy real-time access to other Modelers for help with questions about Modeling or the Society in general. In addition, many Hobby Shops around the country offer discounts to IPMS/USA Members.

Memberships are available in several packages: (IPMS/USA membership information)

IPMS/USA also has programs to introduce the hobby to new modelers and to provide morale support to our service men and women deployed overseas.
· Although IPMS/USA no longer has an active Make 'n Take Program to introduce new modelers to the hobby (or to recapture older modelers by rekindling a past interest) ECPM still conducts a "Make 'n Take" session at our show/contest.
· The Support the Troops Initiative is an IPMS/USA initiative to provide model kits, supplies, and reference materials to our servicemen and women serving in combat zones and remote overseas locations. Because the contact persons change frequently, the most current information on this program is on the IPMS/USA website. In 2009, ECPM prepared and sent a large package of modeling supplies to service personnel on Diego Garcia.

Region 12, IPMS/USA

Within IPMS/USA, ECPM is a member of IPMS/USA Region 12, which comprises Chapters in North and South Carolina. We also have close ties with many IPMS Chapters in southern Virginia which are part of IPMS/USA Region 2.

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AMPS was founded in July 1993. Since that time, AMPS has grown to around 700 members worldwide.

Although AMPS's main function is as a modeling club, it is definitely a different type of modeling organization compared to other mainstream groups. AMPS has a Constitution and Bylaws to govern how it is run, and the AMPS judging system rewards individual effort using a point system to minimize subjectivity and detailed feedback to help you improve your modeling.

The purpose of AMPS is to foster a knowledge and appreciation of the history of armored vehicles, through examination of preserved examples located in both museums and private collections, in miniature through modeling. To this end, AMPS has an official publication for AMPS members, Boresight magazine, with 32 full-color pages printed six times per year. Inside are armor-related modeling and historical articles, all submitted by its membership.

AMPS also hosts an international convention every spring in which the subject of armor is supreme. The convention features the best armor model vendors, seminars from armor experts, and an excellent example of the best armor models from around the world in its competition. Competition is organized into five levels - junior, basic, intermediate, advanced, and master - and the judging system rewards the modeler for his individual effort, not in comparison to other modelers.

This link describes advertising in the AMPS Boresight magazine.

AMPS membership qualifies you to participate in AMPS sanctioned contests, as well as the International Convention. As a member, you'll also be able to access our online Forum where a wide variety of Society and Modeling topics are discussed.

Memberships are available in several packages: (AMPS membership information)

AMPS members get a voice in the society; you can participate as much as you want. AMPS is all volunteer; modelers like you make AMPS happen. Join us - if you like to build armor models, we'd love to have you as a member.

AMPS South Region

Within AMPS, ECPM is a member of AMPS South Region.

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