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Our articles, all written by ECPM members, were a point of pride for our small club, but we got away from them for a number of reasons.
Now they will be coming back as we bring older (marked 'old') ones up to the new format (marked ' > '). Those marked 'new' are exactly that.

Some articles, written by ECPM members, are hosted elsewhere due to publication restrictions; these have '(host)' in the title.

Please report any problems to the webmaster.

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1/35 Reviews & Buildups
old  AFV Club 155mm Long Tom John Ratzenberger
new  AFV Club M54A2 Cargo Truck (AMPS) John Ratzenberger
 >  Bronco Humber Scout Car Mk.I John Ratzenberger
old  CMK Volkswagen Type 83 Ambulance Andy Fulcher
new  Copper State WW1 British Lanchester Armoured Car (AMPS) John Ratzenberger
old  Italeri ISU-152 Keith Lewis
old  JMGT Rolls Royce 1924 Pattn Armoured Car John Ratzenberger
 >  Jordi Rubio Rolls Royce Armoured Car John Ratzenberger
 >  LZ Models LeTourneau CarryAll LS Scraper (AMPS) John Ratzenberger
 >  Master Box British Infantry, Somme Battle Period, 1916 (AMPS) John Ratzenberger
 >  Resicast British WW1 18-pounder Field Gun (AMPS) John Ratzenberger
 >  Resicast (GBS) British WW1 18-pdr Field Gun Diorama (AMPS) John Ratzenberger
 >  Resicast British WW1 General Service Wagon Mk.X (AMPS) John Ratzenberger
 >  Riich British Army 6 Pounder Anti-tank Gun w/Crew (AMPS) John Ratzenberger
old  Roden Rolls Royce Armoured Car 1920 Mk.I John Ratzenberger
old  Tamiya Cromwell Mk.IV Greg Marchlinski
old  Tamiya Krupp Protze 6x4 Truck Lee Rouse
old  Tamiya SdKfz 222 Lee Rouse
old  Tamiya KV-1E Steve Kasza
old  Tamiya PzKpfw II ausf F Mark Dice
old  Tamiya Quad Gun Tractor Frank Eason
old  Tamiya Marder III Ausf.M Mark Dice
old  Tamiya Navy Jeep Steve Kasza
old  Trumpeter Israeli Ti67 Mark Dice
old  Trumpeter Sd.Kfz.7 John Ratzenberger

1/48 Reviews & Buildups
old  Academy P-26C Peashooter Lee Rouse
old  Accurate Miniatures P-51B Mustang Steve Kasza
old  Airfix EA-6B Prowler Mark Dice
old  AMT/ERTL P-40F Warhawk Lee Rouse
 >  Classic Airframes Avro Anson Mk.I John Ratzenberger
 >  Classic Airframes Defiant TT.I John Ratzenberger
old  Classic Airframes MB 155 Lee Rouse
old  Classic Airframes Walrus John Ratzenberger
 >  Eduard Lysander John Ratzenberger
old  Eduard Nieuport 16 Lee Rouse
old  Hasegawa F4U-5N Corsair Mark Dice
old  Hasegawa QF-4N Phantom Mark Dice
old  Hobbycraft Ar234 Doug Wickman
old  Lindberg Gloster Gladiator Lee Rouse
old  Revell-Monogram Bf 110G-4 Lee Rouse
old  Tamiya Brewster Buffalo Lee Rouse
old  Tamiya Dewoitine D.520 Lee Rouse
old  Tamiya Do-335A Lee Rouse
old  Tamiya M6A1 Seiran Steve Kasza
old  Tamiya Fairey Swordfish Mk.II John Ratzenberger
old  TwoBobs AV-8B Hard Corps Harriers Steve Belanger

1/72 Reviews & Buildups
old  Academy Hawker Tempest V Lee Rouse
old  Academy Fieseler Storch (Part I) Lee Rouse
old  Airfix Lancaster B.I / B.III John Ratzenberger
old  Eduard Dr.I (Flyboys) Lee Rouse
 >  Four Frogs for Telford John Ratzenberger
old  Fujimi F-4K Phantom Steve Kasza
old  Hasegawa Isuzu TX-40 Fuel Truck Dennis Lamm
old  Italeri A-6E Intruder Mark Dice
old  Italeri UH-34D Sea Horse Mark Dice
old  MPM PT-19A Lee Rouse
old  Revell Blohm & Voss P.194 Lee Rouse
old  RPM Me109E1-3 & Aeroplast Me109T-2 Joe Callahan

All Other Scales
 >  Airfix 1/144 Boeing 314 Clipper John Ratzenberger
 >  Airfix 1/144 H.P. 42 'Heracles' John Ratzenberger
old  Aurora ~1/8 The Blue Knight of Milan Lee Rouse
old  DML 1/16 SS Tank Crewman Greg Marchlinski
 >  Dragon 1/6 M2HB .50-cal Machine Gun John Ratzenberger
old  Eduard Photoetch Colored Seatbelts Lee Rouse
old  Kitbashing a 1/25 Ford C-600 COE Truck Andy Fulcher
old  EagleCals' Mustangs of George Preddy Steve Belanger
old  Kitbashing a 1955 Chevy Stepside Pick-up Andy Fulcher
 >  Matchbox 1/144 Dornier Do-X Flying Boat John Ratzenberger
old  Revell/Monogram 1/39 1903 Wright Flyer Lee Rouse
old  Thoroughbred 1/600 Civil War Vessels Steve Belanger
old  Toko 1/288 AN-71 Steve Kasza

Contests & Shows
 >  ECPM Display at Fort Fisher, June 2012 John R, John Moseley
old  IPMS Region 12 2009 Contest Pix John R., Bert Mason
old  RDUCON 2009 Contest Report & Pix John R., Bert Mason
 >  IPMS 2009 Convention Report & Pix John Ratzenberger
 >  Winston Salem Modelpocalypse Now, 2009 Bert Mason
old  Old Dominion Open 2009 Report/Pix John Ratzenberger
 >  Fayetteville 2008 Contest Report & Pix John Ratzenberger
old  IPMS 2008 Convention Report & Pix Andy, Lee, John
 >  Lynchburg 2008 Contest Report & Pix John Ratzenberger
 >  IPMS 2007 Convention Report & Pix John Ratzenberger
old  ECPM's Down East Con 2007 Report & Pix ECPM Membership
old  IPMS Region 2 2007 Contest Report & Pix John Ratzenberger
 >  AMPS 2007 Trip Report with Pix Andy & Pat Fulcher
 >  Aberdeen Proving Grounds Museum Photos Andy & Pat Fulcher
old  IPMS Region 12 2007 Contest Pix John Ratzenberger
old  Richmond's ODO 2007 John Ratzenberger
old  ECPM's Down East Con 2006 Report & Pix ECPM Membership
old  Region 2 2006 Contest Photos John & Lee
old  ECPM Winners at 2005 National Contest --
old  My Third Trip to Nationals Pat Fulcher

Other Articles
old  Naval Air Museum, Pensacola Pictures John Ratzenberger
old  Becoming a Modeler Dennis Lamm
old  Make and Take with Pack 132 Lee Rouse
old  A Sea of Smiling Faces Lee Rouse
old  Why am I not building a model? A review of IL 2 Sturmovik WWII CFS Mark Dice
old  Why I Build Models Doug Wickman
old  Why I Build Plastic Model Airplanes Mike Lepek

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