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Last Update: 07 May 2007

AMPS 2007 Trip Report (Part 1)
Andy & Pat Fulcher

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AMPS 2007 - a wife's perspective

Andy and I went on a vacation and as you know, whenever Andy wants to go to a model show, he throws me a bone and takes me somewhere. This time, it was Atlantic City, NJ.

[Dan Egan & Andy (always wearing ECPMC stuff)] While at the AMPS show which was in Havre de Grace, MD, we had the opportunity to meet and interview the new President, Dan Egan. I was quite impressed with Dan, he has goals for AMPS and I think he will be an asset to the organization. At our first meeting with Dan, he very gingerly asked Andy why he didn't join AMPS, he said Andy could have applied for membership for not much more than it cost to enter the contest and just the way he said it, you almost wanted to apologize for not joining right then and there. He definitely wants to increase membership and wants to try to have contests in different locations. He has a very dynamic manner about him that makes you want to help him achieve his goals; I wish him well and I am quite sure we will see him at future contests. He was gracious enough to take time from his duties to research the contest numbers which were 337 models entered by 130 contestants. In addition there were 350 walk-ins.

[Her Cargo Nets, etc] [Kim Taylor] Another person that I was impressed with was Kim Taylor, a wife that got very involved in her husband's hobby. He wanted parts that didn't exist and told her his idea and now she is making replacement bumpers for DUKW's, Ford GPA's as well as cargo nets. She sits at the show and makes the parts. Just so you know, he went off with his friends to Aberdeen Proving Grounds and left her at the show to make and sell items. He was late coming back and she was becoming more irritated by the minute (They had a 10hr drive home). So it happens to all of us. Andy was so impressed with her work that he couldn't give her the money quick enough for the replacement bumpers for his DUKW project. He mumbled something about buying the parts so "the guys could see how great they are". Humph!

We also went over to the Aberdeen Proving Ground and U.S. Army Ordnance Museum so "I could see how large the tanks are". Husbands have a way of putting things so you almost really believe they are doing everything for your benefit. It actually was interesting to see all the tanks, guns, helmets and military paraphernalia.

All in all, we had a good trip, I lost in Atlantic City and Andy won - big! I was proud of him. We went to see the wild ponies in Chincoteague, VA (another bone) and we also road a ferry between NJ and Delaware (I hate boats). The only problem with that was the water was rough and had that ride been about 15 minutes longer, I could have embarrassed myself. All in all, it was a fun trip but I always have a good time when I am with Andrew.

Pat Fulcher

April 21, 2007 interview with AMPS President, Dan Egan

Q. What does AMPS stands for?
A. Armor Modeling and Preservation Society.

Q. How long have you been a member of AMPS?
A. Since 1993 which was the first year of the organization.

Q. When was the first AMPS contest?
A. 1994.

Q. Has there been a contest every year since?
A. Yes.

Q. Why was Havre de Grace, MD chosen for the first contest site?
A. The early contest sites were all in the Aberdeen Proving Ground area. With the U. S. Army Ordnance Museum here it was an obvious choice that met our requirements; and we felt that they would be a potential draw for contestants and we decided to remain here.

Q. How did your first show go?
A. The first AMPS International contest had 314 models and 100 participants. Pretty good for a first show.

Q. My first exposure to AMPS was in 2004 and as you recall this was a dark period in AMPS history. There was practically an implosion which threatened the contest as well as the whole organization. Would you touch on this briefly and tell me how AMPS has recovered.
A. AMPS ran into the classic "founder problem" that many small businesses go through. When that individual resigned, a volunteer group stepped in and ran the show for 2004. AMPS is now run by a group of officers that are elected that each have the same vision for the organization.

Q. Why was the contest moved to Ohio in 2006?
A. There had been discussions for quite a few years about moving the national show to other locations. In 2006 a number of factors came together to make it possible.

Q. How was the show received in Ohio?
A. The contest was a great success and the numbers reflect that. There were 188 to 190 entrants and 506 models in competition.

Q. How did you choose Ohio and Indiana for contest sites?
A. We chose the sites in Ohio and Indiana because we could hold the contest within the museums.

Q. What changes have occurred in AMPS since 2004?
A. There were 300 members in 2005, there were 380 members in 2006 and in 2007 there are 570 members. Until one year ago, there was no formal relationship between the vendors and the club. Now there are 14 vendors who have a partnership relationship with AMPS members. These vendors have offered to give discounts to AMPS members. This is part of what the officers are trying to do and that is to build relationships between vendors and give the benefits to the members. AMPS is a small specialized group.

Q. How many members are in AMPS?
A. There are 570 total members, of which about 70 are located overseas.

Q. How many presidents have there been?
A. Including myself, three.

Q. As the newly elected President, could you tell me some of your plans for AMPS?
A. My plans for growing the organization include rotating the contest amongst different areas of the US and trying to establish a network of chapters in the US with communication with the parent organization.

Q. Do you have any personal contact with any AMPS members?
A. Yes, I have monthly meetings with approximately eight fellow members. We meet at my house and the one rule is, that you must bring something to build.

Q. Last question, why should I join AMPS?
A. To support the show and the club and to remember those who served as well as to maintain a link to history. We hope to be able to build the club to offer more perks to the membership and we are already doing that with member discounts. We have a publication, titled "Boresight" that comes out 6 times a year. The publication began with 24 pages, is now 28 pages and we hope to expand to 32 pages in the near future. The previous president, Paul Roberts, is now the editor and Paul has raised the quality of the journal.

We want to thank Dan for taking time away from the contest to sit down with us and give me a different perspective of AMPS. I wish him well.

Andy & Pat Fulcher

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