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Last Update: 01 Sep 2007

IPMS 2007 Convention Report & Photos
John Ratzenberger

All photos are thumb-nails and may be clicked for a full picture.

This is an abbreviated "report", since I sent daily reports to the membership and won't repeat them here.

I did get all my goodies, via Fedex, so all is well.
The convention hotel, Anaheim Marriot, was really good -- rooms, food, service, support.

IPMS News:
Convention Journal will be all color, and all issues starting in '08 will be color.
The Journal may also go to 80-pages.
A great reason & and no more excuses not to be a member !!!
Membership about steady, finances good.
New Competition Handbook for '08.
Look for changes to OOB.

A big draw, and what appears to be a very good kit, is the new Eduard 1/48 Bf-110.

[IPMS'07 pix] [IPMS'07 pix] [IPMS'07 pix]

Also the MPM/Special Hobby 1/32 P-39.

[IPMS'07 pix] [IPMS'07 pix] [IPMS'07 pix]

Eduard also had these two resin kits - the Hippo 1/72 Drachen and the Hippo 1/144 Zeppelin, which is 113cm long. Don't worry, they are hollow so they are not tooooo heavy. But, they also announced that a 1/48 version of the Drachen and a 1/72 version of the Zeppelin are coming !! I have no idea of the prices of the current or future kits. It does appear that one of each were sold during the convention.

[IPMS'07 pix] [IPMS'07 pix]

The Vendor Room at some point in time.

[IPMS'07 pix] [IPMS'07 pix] [IPMS'07 pix]
[IPMS'07 pix] [IPMS'07 pix]

The Contest Room at some other point in time.

[IPMS'07 pix] [IPMS'07 pix]

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