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February 2016 Newsletter
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Posted: 08 Mar 2016

From Management:

The Old Dominion Open was Feb 27. A couple of us did go. The Richmond folks did their usual great job. Who needs a groundhog ceremony when ODO is the first sign of spring hereabouts. Don't have any stats for attendees or models or any pix, but it was a good time.

See you next meeting which is a Regular Meeting, noon-2pm, Saturday, 19 Mar -- details here.


Members Attending:  Andy Fulcher, Joe Gray, Jim Harriett, John Ratzenberger, Jay Roig, Stephen Willgohs.

And, of course, better halves:  Pat Fulcher, Alice Gray, Annette Ratzenberger,


[article image] Our February meeting was a build meeting; but with lots going on elsewhere attendance was a bit sparse.

Apologies for any brevity or errors, I seem to have misplaced my notes from the meeting - my bad.

IPMS: No news.

AMPS: No news.


Chapter display at AMPS, April.
Still a GO; we'll sort out any details at the March meeting. Pat & Annette have volunteered to table sit, if they have nothing better to do. Reminder, if you are bringing models for display, I need some background info to make up display cards.

The Interesting Stuff:  

Stephen Willgohs, our newest member, brought a Tamiya SdKfz251-11 (?). He is not only working on his basic construction and airbrush skills but has also started detailing interiors with spare parts, sprue, and such. He is moving along quite quickly.
[article image] [article image] [article image]

Jim Harriett starts work on the venerable Tamiya 88mm Flak gun, while Jay Roig supervises.
[article image] [article image]

Andy Fulcher brought his ICM 1/24 Opel Convertible back to work on, but mostly explain how he modified the hood to be correct.
[article image]

Andy and Joe Gray also did a kit swap -- not one for one, but part by part. What they did was take two AMT truck kits and re-arrange the parts to get two different kits by year, engine, and body style. It was interesting watching and listening to them work.
[article image] [article image] [article image]

John Ratzenberger brought 3 recent completions. The horse and wagon is exactly that - the Resicast 1/35 British WW1 General Service Wagon Mk.X, done as an AMPS review which you can see here. The submarine is the Mikr Mir 1/350 kit of the British WW1 K-class submarine, done for an online "Blitzbau" 24-hour GB. You can see the online build here.
[article image] [article image]
The Wnite Ensign 1/700 Flower Corvette was used to make a "CD" "Compact Diorama" as part of an Group Build. A sub-goal was to match the diorama to the CD title, in this case Pete Seeger's "Where Have All the Flowers Gone". The kit was slightly modified to portray a Canadian Flower, HMCS Sackville, which is the last Flower. You can see the online build here.
[article image] [article image]
And lastly, John brought 2 different kits of a German WW2 Flak-Lighter he is just starting on. These will be part of a display by the Coastal Command SIG at the IPMS(UK) Scale Model World 2016. John needed to build two of these in 1/350 scale but the only kit is an old resin one by White Ensign, which he found, so the other one will be a card model scaled down from 1/200.
[article image]

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