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November 2016 Newsletter
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Posted: 16 Nov 2016

From Management:

Delayed again, got busy, went on holiday, the usual ...

See you next meeting.

Minutes:  19 November 2016

Members Attending:  John Bazzle, Andy Fulcher, Joe Gray, David Mohr, John Ratzenberger,

And, of course, better halves:  Pat Fulcher, Alice Gray, Annette Ratzenberger,


Called to order, such as it was ...

IPMS: Nothing

AMPS: Nothing


We have lost 3 members; Pat O'Donnell is working out of state, Frank Eason is busy with family, and Joe Callahan and family have moved back to PA. We have lost 3 good friends and modelers. They are, of course, always welcome back if they get back in the hobby or just want to visit.

We have re-chartered with IPMS.

We looked at the Calendar -- Atlanta, ODO, and the R-12 Regional start the year and other shows are starting to appear.

We decided not to have a Christmas Party this year, or at least nothing special.

ECPM Dues are due, that's why they are called dues ....

This was a Build meeting, but due to a number of things, lightly attended so we only had a few models out. As usual, we looked at the kits, chatted about them, and the work being done ... the fun stuff ...

[article image]

The Interesting Stuff:  

Andy Fulcher brought his AMPS project to work on, but we spent all our time talking about his ship model, a 1/8" scale Chris Craft 23 by Dumas. The kit was started by another person who then gave it to Andy to finish, no small project it turns out. The hull will be double-planked with mahoghany; right now it is glued and nailed to the build board to stabilize it -- that will be a whole other project getting it loose when the time comes. But Andy likes this stuff, really.

[article image] [article image] [article image]

John Bazzle brought a pile -- the Dragon M1917 Machine Gun he has been working on forever, or at least since last year, an Ertl tractor that he is going to re-engine and do other things with, and the huge Lindberg Hot Canary T, which we all poked around.

[article image] [article image] [article image]
[article image] [article image] [article image]

John Ratzenberger brought his Wingnut DH-9 to work on -- it's time to start rigging -- but nothing happened. He also brought the Revell 1/72 Boeing P-26 in Starfighter Decals and such -- the cowl decals didn't fit right and he had to fix them up with paint. Lastly, he brought some of the 1/32 car kits he has been finding on E-Bay -- the Pyro Vintage Brass series is particularly good. On the end of all the cars is the Etzel's Classic kit of the 1926-29 Miller rear drive - a fantastic multi-media kit he picked up at the R-2 Regional.

[article image] [article image] [article image]

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