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December 2016 Newsletter
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Posted: 22 Dec 2016

From Management:

Light turn-out, holiday and family priorities ...

The website is updated -- the calendar, a change in organization and emphasis, lots of chapter newsletters to go through, getting ready to start 2017.

See you next meeting, 12- - 2pm, Saturday, 21 January 2017.

Minutes:  17 December 2016

Members Attending:  John Bazzle, Andy Fulcher, Dan Kornegay, John Ratzenberger

And, of course, better halves:  Pat Fulcher, Annette Ratzenberger


called to order ...

IPMS: Nothing.

AMPS: Nothing.


I think we mentioned before that we have rechartered with IPMS.
Andy reported that we'll end the year with about $1600 and are paid up with the church until July 2017. That balance includes 2017 dues collected from the attendees so we'll have a bit more income in January - Hint.

The Interesting Stuff:  

Other than just chatting, the bulk of the meeting was spent discussing Andy Fulcher's progress on the Chris Craft shown in last month's newsletter.

As you can see he has separated the boat from the building board -- a tricky task involving wedges, saws, and a great deal of care working from the stern forward. It helped that the glue holding it to the board had started to breakdown with age, so the really tought part was cutting the nails.

With the boat off the board, Andy could start shaping and sanding the hull, getting the curves and flares right, and prepping it for the outer layer. You can see that one side has been done, the other not. We all spent time eyeballing it and providing well-received suggestions on smoothness and consistency, but really it is looking very good at this point.

[article image] [article image] [article image] [article image] [article image] [article image]

Other than that, John Bazzle showed pix off his cellphone of the big rig and garage diorama he is working on.

Dan Kornegay and John Ratzenberger told fish stories about their modeling progress.

A happy and safe holiday season to all !!

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